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Why Do My Old Postings On Noddleit now Appear on my Facebook in the "Memories"?

Why Do My Old Postings On Noddleit now Appear on my Facebook in the "Memories"section on my timeline? Quite a shock this week. Totally complete with old Opryland pic and replies from Noddleit members at the time!
Just got one I posted in 2011 when my Mum died. I was not on facebook then. Anyone know why? Agreed, it will not appear unless I click on "Share". Still nice to find out why though!



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Wed, 08th Mar 2017
I think that the possible problem is that TGV has completely lost interest in this site now that we have lost nearly all contributors. I too have had issues with things appearing that I haven't anything to do with and I also get personal messages which are clearly not meant for me.

In reality, TGV could do with closing the site down or taking a real interest again and making this site one to visit for anybody and everybody!
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Thu, 02nd Mar 2017
I never posted a pic with this? Even more weird? Let alone a clip from a paper that has no connection whatsoever???
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