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You and 2017

With all the upheavel that went through 2016 there is that typical question of what the new year will bring to the world. For the ones that saw Brexit and the election of Trump as the end of civilization not much good, I presume! Those on the opposite side, me included, hopefully some positive changes that were and are absolutely necessary and almost inevitable. For mainland Europe elections in Germany, France and The Netherlands could prove to be the most important since WW2. All eyes will most likely turn to the USA where, finally, a highly weak Obama administration gets replaced by one that should get the benefit of the doubt as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately in many parts of the globe problems will remain; poverty & famine, war-torn areas, corruption that can't be wiped out, undesirable immigration in the West, fanatic religious beliefs and criminals, growing assault on fauna & flora, the list is alas endless.
But what actually matters is your own future. The future, after all, is the only part of your life you can do anything about. Sure, decisions and consequently unexpected facts could determine whether that future will be successful. The world is changing, of course it is. But do we want it as the "globalization dreamers" want it to be? I doubt it very much. Often these folks are biased. So count on your own feelings, let the world turn around as it does for billions of years, cherish what you have already and pray/wish it will improve by clear thinking and some luck. Yes, we could say that the prospect about some aspects of the immediate future isn't so bright. Many are cynical about the motives of mainstream politicians and their entourage (lobbyists). We must realize that the days of easy prosperity are over, especially for the middle-class families in the industrialized world. So with that in mind we should be curious how the new US President will drain "the swamp" in D.C? If he can do that it should be possible in other countries as well in particular the UK & EU. Wishful thinking? Perhaps but at least someone with a high profile image took the first step. All types of discussions aside for a moment, the current reality tells us that western societies need to be reshaped in ways never seen before. Liberalism has been an overrated and destructive factor for the past three decades, not to mention the fantasy hardliners on the left, anywhere! Let's keep the traditional old views and values alive - what's wrong with that anyway? So with this I'd like to say to all who read my post "a good and great 2017", don't let you distract by needles fake news, people, do-gooders and other martians.... Go your own way.


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